What People Are Saying About Ultimate Guide

Madison Young is dedicated to changing the game for women, queers, kinksters and now moms – with her individualism, innovation, insight and innate intelligence. She is downright inspirational. We need her voice now more than ever. She is devoted to the truth, and that – after motherhood, truly is the noblest profession.Margaret Cho, Actress and Author of I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight

Madison Young’s Ultimate Guide to Sex through Pregnancy and Motherhood is indeed ultimate – and wonderful.  She brings great wisdom and clarity to the previously forbidden discussion of sex and motherhood, empowering the reader to enjoy a happy, free, joyful and sexy lifestyle while bearing and raising children. Madison’s little one is very blessed to have been born to such a wise and sexy mama.Dossie Easton MFT Author of The Ethical Slut and Radical Ecstasy 

When I first got pregnant, I was shocked by the lack of serious information for women and lovers who are going through this together, in bed! Madison Young brings a compassionate, healthy and erotically savvy take on what childbirth means for sex– before, during, and after. – Susie Bright Author of  Big Sex Little Death and Mommy’s Little Girl

In a society that can’t deal with mothers as sexual beings, Madison Young is a superhero to the rescue. At turns raunchy and nurturing, she’s the friend and mentor every girl who gets herself knocked up needs. Ariel Gore, Editor of Hip Mama Magazine, Author of The End of Eve and the Hip Mama Survival Guide

Madison Young offers support and suggestions in each chapter, as she recounts her own pregnancy, labor, postpartum and new motherhood. Her words are a reminder that bodies, parenthood and sex lives are always changing, and her judgement-free voice is supportive of all of the choices that parents and lovers may face.Elle Stanger – Sex and Dating Columnist for Thrillist.com

In The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood, Madison Young addresses the sweet, often hidden, blissful and complex terrain of sex in pregnancy and early parenthood. With grace, spirit, gentleness, acceptance, and passion, Madison offers forth stories, exercises, practices, and ideas that will allow those pregnant and in the early months and years of parenthood to find ways to honor their sexuality, accept and sink into changes in their bodies, and to find and reclaim the central spirit of sexual pleasure that so often is pushed to the side in pregnancy and parenting. Beautiful work, Madison! Lasara Firefox Allen, coach, activist, and author of Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality and Sexy Witch www.lasarafirefoxallen.com

Young has produced a book of paramount importance for the liberation of anyone who has ever been pregnant, imagines they might one day be or has ever been inside or through the body of a pregnant person. Here you will find invaluable tools for dismantling the harm, shame & expectations associated with many traditional ideas of pregnancy and mothering. I was inspired by her advocacy for consent beginning before a child even enters the world. My only complaint is that this wasn’t yet available while I was preggers. Thank goodness, there now exists this evolutionary gift for all my pals and their partners who are or may one day like to be the most mammalian feeling human. Full bodied fuel for intergenerational 4th wave feminism has arrived. – Bonfire Madigan Shive, visionary cellist, vocalist, composer, performing artist, international touring musician and mother http://www.bonfiremadigan.com