It’s Mommy Time at Good Vibrations! Last Reading of the Summer!

9cdd3260-f760-0132-f40b-0e18518aac2fCome Join me on August 20th for Mommy Time at Good Vibrations (Lake Shore location in Oakland) where I’ll be doing a special reading and book signing event
as well as answering all your sexy mama questions. Don’t miss out as this will be
my last event and reading of the summer and before I give BIRTH! That’s right. If
you haven’t heard I am very pregnant right now so after this event I’ll be on maternity leave from events for a few months so don’t miss out. See you all there.

Come See me at The Center for Sex and Culture at TMI – book signing & story telling!

Come join me on August 13th at 7 PM for TMI at the Center for Sex and Culture
in San Francisco where I’ll be doing a book signing and story telling about my
experiences having hot sex while pregnant… and on film! Don’t miss this
fabulous event. Can’t wait to see you all there.ClahzTRWAAEa9IH.jpg-small

3 more weeks!

Just 3 more weeks until the big launch of The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood!  But don’t wait.  You can pre-order today directly from this site and get a signed copy directly from me with my signature lipstick kiss.  Not only am I birthing a book in 3 weeks but I’m pregnant and birthing another little mini-feminista in 15 weeks. ClahzTRWAAEa9IH.jpg-small